Tea & Co. Launching: A New Frontier

This year Teatox & Co. celebrates its second anniversary. Teatox & Co.’s 2nd anniversary also marks a momentous beginning of Tea & Co. premium lifestyle tea line. Our tea is a blend of premium loose-leaf teas with real pieces of fruits, flowers, and spices to create robust and distinct flavors. Here is a snapshot of our launching party, where guests got to taste and experience our tea first hand.



Tea & Co. Gifts

We believe your event is special and should be accompanied by something as unique. Tea & Co. gifts specialized in premium quality teas that are packaged as customized favors and gifts for your special day / event.

New Favorite Product

Each of our teas are lovingly crafted and thus uniquely created. Find out more about our enticing Mango Belle tea. Mango Belle is a combination of sophisticated taste of green tea with playful and juicy real mango and marigold blossom.

Discover your personalitea

Our tea taste is as unique as our personality. Each tea base and ingredient says something about its drinker. Read our article to find out what your tea preference says about you here.