Tea & Co Journey

Tea & Co. brand is an expansion from Teatox & Co. brand that was founded in 2014.
Tea & Co. provides a variety of specialized tea made from superior teas from countries around the world.

Tea & Co. is about creating an exquisite and pleasant tea-drinking experience by alluring all of your senses.
Tea & Co. aims to be the centerpiece of a new tea drinking concept and trend in Indonesia.

Tea From All Around The World

Tea & Co. begins with finding quality tea leaves and fruits from different part of the world to create a balance fruit-flavored line of teas, that are natural, hand-crafted and exquisite.

A huge portion of our effort also goes to an extensive research and development process in our in-house laboratory to finally create an outstanding line of products. Our focus in quality ingredients, research and developments, allows us to introduce these premium teas to you.

produk-teanco-lavish mango

New Favorite Product

Each of our teas are lovingly crafted and thus uniquely created. Find out more about our enticing Mango Belle tea. Mango Belle is a combination of sophisticated taste of green tea with playful and juicy real mango and marigold blossom.


Tea & Co. Gifts

We believe your event is special and should be accompanied by something as unique. Tea & Co. gifts specialized in premium quality teas that are packaged as customized favors and gifts for your special day / event.

Tea & Co. In Media

We are honored that Tea & Co. has been featured in many media. It is a testament to our commitment towards creating a high quality product, innovation, and excellent customer service. Find out what the media has been saying about us here.