Why Tea Is The Perfect Timeless Gift for Your Guests

Why Tea Is The Perfect Timeless Gift for Your Guests

Hi tea lovers! We hope you are doing well and trying your best to stay safe during these times. Although this pandemic has brought lots of changes to our lives, we understand that not all of your plans need to be cancelled. For instance, important events like weddings, celebrations, and other milestones can still be done at a much smaller scale or even virtually. In each of this event, gifts are a part that you can’t miss!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your next event to show your appreciation for your guests? You might want to consider our tea souvenirs as your best option. Here are the reasons why tea is the perfect timeless gift for your guests!

1. Fully customizable

Of course, you want your gifts to be as personal as possible and reflect yourself and the overall tone of your event. Our tea gifts can be fully customized according to your needs. Pick your favorite colors, materials, and designs for the packaging. Make it very ‘you’. If you don’t know where to start, we offer genuine insights on how we think your gift can be the most suitable.

2. Various selections

Tea is a beverage that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their age, lifestyle, and preferences. We provide teas of various selections from white tea, green tea, black tea to tisane, along with combinations of different fruits and flowers that create different sensations. Do you prefer a lighter tea or a bold, robust one? Or do you want to let your guests have all those options? We will recommend you our tea selections most suited for you!

3. Safely packed

Hygiene is all the concern these days and we fully understand that too. While fresh foods and drinks might pose more concern to be given out at events during this time, our teas are dried, making them easily stored in our airtight container. They are very safe and can be handed out physically or even through online delivery if you are hosting a virtual event. Worry not because we implement strict health protocols in preparing your gifts!

If you are looking for the perfect memorable gift for your beloved guests, tea can be a unique and versatile option for you! Want to know more? Check out our tea selections and previous gift creations and see if you can find an inspiration for your next event.

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