Bad-Tasting Tea? Take a Look at These Common Tea-Brewing Mistakes!

Bad-Tasting Tea? Take a Look at These Common Tea-Brewing Mistakes!

You’re having some time to yourself. You’re in your favorite couch. You’re reading your favorite book or watching your favorite series, cup of tea in hand. You take a sip—it tastes bad! What to do?

We can all agree that tea is the perfect companion for any occasion. It’s a shame to not experience the best of your tea just because of some easily avoidable mistakes! Take a look:

1. Is your water too hot?

One of the most common reasons for bad tea is overly hot water. This is especially true for the more delicate teas like white tea (White Peony Tea) and green tea (Jasmine Green). Their supposedly gentle, tender flavor becomes bitter with the wrong temperature of water. Make sure your water is just right, between 75-85oC. For darker teas like oolong (Formosa Oolong) and black tea (English Breakfast), you can use higher temperature.


2. Is your tea-water ratio wrong?

To get the perfect brew, you need precise tea-to-water ratio, meaning you can’t use too much nor too little water. If you don’t have the time or measuring cups to get an accurate measurement, a rough estimation is usually 1 teaspoon of tea leaves to 1 cup of water. Of course, this may slightly differ according to how strong or mild you’d like your tea to be, so trial-and-error is the key here!

3. Is your brewing time too long?

Brewing your tea for too long can expose your tea leaves to too much heat, affecting the natural flavors of the tea in the process. For lighter teas (Dreamy Vanilla), usually you just need 2-3 minutes to get the right brew, but it may take longer for black teas (Classic Earl Grey). Make sure to make each minute count while preparing your tea!


It might sound like a lot of work, but just like art, practicing makes perfect in the case of tea-brewing. To learn more about your favorite type of tea, check out more tips from Tea & Co. Read : cara terbaik menyajikan teh

"Remember, “life is too short for bad tea”!

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