The Best Way To Brew Tea

The Best Way To Brew Tea

We all surely want to enjoy our teas the best way, don’t you agree?.
There are so many brands of teas available everywhere at the grocery store, and most of them are ready to be served in tea bags. Some people consume them without knowing that those teabags have been stored in the shelves for quite some time and may even start to lose their flavor.

That is why we strive and make sure to present our teas fresh with quality ingredients, that allows us to create premium teas for our customers.

What differs one tea from another is the process of how they are made. Here are some types of loose tea

  1. Green tea
    Green teas are loaded with antioxidants and are great when paired with other fruits and herbs. You can try our various green tea flavor such as Sweet melody which is a mix of ripe strawberry,refreshing orange,and exotic pineapple. Or our Genmaicha strawberry that is made from Japanese Genmaicha with added strawberry pieces, and  Sweet Vanilla  which is a combination of the elegant green tea with a rich vanilla flavor.
  2. Black Tea
    Black tea helps lower stress and many other health benefits like boosting your heart health, also decreases risks of diabetes. Try our Classic earl grey with bergamot flavorings, and Moon berry which is black tea with a mix of green tea, papaya, rose hip peel, sunflower blossom, and rose petals.
  3. White Tea
    White tea has the least caffeine and is the most subtle from the other teas. It has anti-aging properties, improves oral health, and many more. Get the benefits of white tea with our Spring begins ,a combination of green and white tea with other harmonious blends of fruits and blossom.

Now that you know how the best teas are produced and their variety, you should also know how to brew them properly.

  • first off, boiled water at the right temperature is best to serve your teas as they help to bring out their flavor. For example, green tea needs cooler temperature than Black tea.
  • After that, the duration of infusion of teas should be considered. Green and white tea usually only takes 2 minutes, while black tea takes about 3-5 minutes to brew, but is also based on your personal preference. The easiest way is using tea infusers to strain them once you’re done. Try our tea infuser  to do the job .

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