Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many tea varieties that Tea & Co. offer?

Currently Tea & Co. offers around 20 different tea varieties. For retail, we have hand-picked 9 of our best teas. They are Classic Earl Grey, Sweet Vanilla, Genmaicha Strawberry, Moon Berry, Mangobelle, Sweet Melody, Royal Star Peach, Spring Begins, serta Summer Bloom.

2. Are the ingredients used by Tea & Co. safe to be consumed?

Tea & Co. only uses all natural highest quality ingredients. Therefore all of our products are safe to be consumed

3. What ingredients do Tea & Co. uses?

All Tea & Co. products are premium teas that use selected fine ingredients that are imported from all around the world. The ingredients are carefully selected with high quality standard. In addition, the fruits and flowers used as our ingredients are all real without any added preservative or flavorings

4. What are the benefits of consuming tea from Tea & Co.?

In various countries, tea is known to be a drink with great benefits. Some of its health benefits are to protect the body against free radical due to its high antioxidant content, reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease, and many other benefits.

Not only for our health, tea from Tea & Co. each other benefits, such as helping to clear the mind or to relax. With amazing aromas, it is your perfect lifestyle booster.

5. How long do I have before my tea from Tea & Co. expires?

Tea & Co. tea’s expiration date is one year after purchase if it is in a sealed unopened package. An opened package of tea lasts for 3 months before it expires.

6. How much caffeine is in a tea?

In actuality, we consume caffeine from natural food sources in our diet regularly. A research shows that consuming 8-10 cup of tea a day would not cause any negative side effects in a human body. When compared to coffee, tea contains a lower caffeine level. A cup of coffee contains 100 mg caffeine per cup, whereas tea only contains 22-44 mg of caffeine per cup. The amount of caffeine in a tea is very dependent on the tea type and steeping duration.

7. How much tea do I get in a pack of Tea & Co. tea?

Tea & Co. tea is not standardized by weight and hence different pack may have different weight in grams. However, Tea & Co. packages are always standardized to contain 15 servings. Each tea may require different weight for each serving.

8. How to correctly brew a tea?

Tea taste and aroma depends heavily on the brewing process. Here is how you brew Tea & Co. teas.

9. Can people of all age range consume Tea & Co. tea?

According to medical doctor, tea is not recommended for children under 5 years old. Therefore, yes! Everyone, from children above 5 years old to seniors, can consume Tea & Co. teas.

10. What is Tea & Co. gifts?

Tea & Co. gifts are souvenir line made by Tea & Co. to complete your special occasion. Tea & Co. gifts offers 4 different type of packages, they are Luxury, Elegance, Charm, and Tumbler. Souvenir from Tea & Co. gifts can be custom designed to suit your event. It is the perfect choice for your event.