New Wedding Trends that are Here to Stay Post-Pandemic

New Wedding Trends that are Here to Stay Post-Pandemic

Hello tea lovers! We hope you are always doing well and healthy. Let’s try our best to stay home and carry out strict health protocols to protect ourselves and the ones we love.
After being in the middle of a pandemic for more than a year, many parts of our lives have changed, from our daily routines to bigger occasions such as weddings. Wedding trends have significantly differed nowadays, and the changes are predicted to stay even post-pandemic. What are the new wedding trends that are here to stay?

1. Outdoor locations are all the hype

Back then, ballroom weddings are a very common thing. Slowly, the trend has shifted towards outdoor, open spaces. In the pandemic, being outdoors is much safer because guests can keep their distance more easily, and the air circulation is also much better. Aside from safety, outdoor locations also offer their own beauty and intimacy. Are you an outdoor venue lover?

2. Stick to seating charts

One of the most important questions during the beginning of wedding planning is whether the event will be a standing or seated reception. With pandemic regulations, seated receptions are more common. That’s why seating charts will be even more important now and post-pandemic, as they help guests who arrive to find their seats easily without confusion.

3. Virtual or live streaming weddings

It’s no secret that couples can be stressed out in listing their guests. With the pandemic, having a short and concise guest list is no longer considered offensive—it is a matter of safety. It’s getting more common to invite people just for the virtual livestream, with only the closest family and friends attending the actual wedding. Even so, don’t forget to still show your appreciation to your virtual guests! You can deliver your wedding gifts straight to their address with Tea & Co.’s range of tea souvenirs.

Wedding concepts and styles keep on changing, but with this impactful pandemic that really affects our lives, these three new trends are predicted to stay even after we break free from the pandemic. If you are planning for a wedding in a few years’ time, you might want to start getting familiar with these trends so that your wedding preparation will be much smoother. Stay healthy, safe, and sane!

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