Don’t Miss These Steps! Simple Bridal Shower Tips

Don’t Miss These Steps! Simple Bridal Shower Tips

Hello tea lovers! Wedding season vibes are just around every corner now, and before we know it our calendars might just be marked every other week for different wedding parties. Weddings are always a heartwarming occasion, even if we aren’t the bride or groom ourselves. Seeing our relative or closest friends tying the knot is a memory that should not be missed! But even before the big day itself, there are so many preparations to take care of. One of them is hosting bridal showers.

Are you about to throw a bridal shower for one of your besties? Or you’re planning to do so in the future? Well, having such once-in-a-lifetime events can be overwhelming, so read on to see Tea & Co.’s tips for preparing a bridal shower!

1. Always make a list

We get it, not all of you are note-takers or detail-lovers. But even if you are a spontaneous improvisor, making a list never hurts! It helps you keep track of what needs to be done. You might not like it, but a bridal shower needs to be planned out to the very detail.

You’re not looking for perfection, but you don’t want a messy D-day either! If you’re not used to making lists, just make a rough checklist, or use your smartphone to help you note down what you need to prepare.

2. Don’t refuse help

Perhaps the bride-to-be is your closest friend for life, or your sister, but it doesn’t mean that you need to do everything yourself! You might have an ideal picture of how the bridal shower will be like,

but it doesn’t hurt to accept help from other fellow bridesmaids or friends so that your workload gets lighter. You can even gather new ideas you haven’t thought of before. Remember, the goal is not to host the bridal shower of your dreams, but to make sure everything goes smoothly and leaves a lasting memory for the bride-to-be.

3. Choose personalization over luxury

With social media, it’s easy to get caught up in a luxurious and expensive bridal shower. While this is totally fine depending on your budget, the money spent does not always determine the success of your bridal shower.

A hearty bridal shower is one that reflects the bride-to-be’s personality best. What does she like the most? What is her favorite style, food, song? Incorporate these in the bridal shower and you can’t go wrong. Paying attention to personal details will always mean more to the bride-to-be than costly material things.

We hope these tips can help you create an unforgettable bridal shower! If you’re still hesitating what souvenir to have on the day, look at our array of personalized tea gifts as we can always customize them according to your liking. Enjoy preparing the bridal shower, wishing it will be your turn very soon too!

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