A tea for every mood

A tea for every mood

It’s always a good idea to come home to a cup of tea after a long day, don’t you agree? Whatever your day is like and whatever mood you may have, brewing the right kind of tea can elevate your condition and cheer you up!
So are you…

1. Stressed?

Chamomile is your best friend if you’re all stressed out. It’s proven to counteract the effect of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that is particularly high in your body when you’re anxious and frustrated. This calming drink also helps you to relax and sleep better. Reach for our Soothing Chamomile whenever you’re stressed.

2. Angry?

Is your temper boiling up? Don’t let that rage eat you up. Brew yourself some tea with orange or other citrus fruits! That zesty fresh flavor is sure to calm you down and relax your tense nerves. Try out our Spring is Here or Spring Fling variants, which contain orange, next time you feel like blowing up in anger.

3. Sick?

There are just some days when you are under the weather and just want to curl up in your bed. Warm yourself with some peppermint tea. It can soothe an upset stomach, nausea, cramps, and dizziness. Remember to brew some of our Frosty Peppermint on those sick days.

4. Exhausted?

Our hectic schedule leaves us tired and drained easily at the end of the day. Luckily, green tea contains L-theanine that helps to boost brain waves and help you relax after running endless errands and fighting against all those deadlines. Our Dreamy Vanilla and Rose Garden are based from green tea and will surely give you a calming sensation.

The next time you don’t feel up for anything, hold back that mood swing and brew yourself a cup of tea!

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