Discover your personalitea

Discover your personalitea


You love white tea ? Then you are likely to enjoy peace and quiet. Serene situation helps you to think clearly and logical. You are also likely to have a symphatethic personality, who cares about your surrounding. To your friends, you are a good listener, a person whom they confide to.


If your favorite tea is black tea, then most likely you can’t stand still for a long time. You like a day packed with activity as wasting time is not your thing. Generally, you have a strong motivation, will power, and will try your best to achieve your target. One of your strength is that you face problems and challenges with courage.


Green tea lovers are cheerful and curious people. Your curiosity are likely to cause you to be a sociable person who love to talk and express your opinions. Gathering with friends to chat is likely to be one of your favorite activity. Generally, green tea lovers have plenty of friends and easily make new ones.


An oolong tea lover? you are more likely to have an analytical and detail oriented personality. You are a perfectionist, and have high standard. Because you have a high level of creativity, you are also very likely to be meticulous and can solve problems creatively.

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