Most Common Mistakes when Planning an Intimate Wedding

Most Common Mistakes when Planning an Intimate Wedding

Hi tea lovers! Wedding trends have drastically shifted in this recent year due to the pandemic. Even as the number of daily cases has gone down significantly, many couples still choose to plan their big day as simply as possible. This includes hosting an intimate or even micro wedding instead of huge events.

Although this means the event is much smaller, there are still important things to remember during wedding planning. Here are the most common mistakes couples make when planning an intimate wedding!

1. Delaying until the last minute

Many of us think that intimate weddings automatically mean less things to take care of. While it may be true in several aspects, that’s no reason to delay planning everything seriously until the last few months or weeks before your big day! It’s important to be on the same page with your partner about the kind of event you want to have from the very start. While intimate weddings lack certain elements that big weddings have, you will still need to make many decisions regarding vendors, event rundown, invites, and many other things, so get started as early as you can!

2. Not sparing extra budget

Intimate weddings can be much cheaper but you still need to spare extra budget for unexpected spendings. The trick is to always stay within the budget that you and your partner are fine with, while still having some extra backup plan in case some needs pop up as the big day is getting closer.

3. “Just wing it” mentality

Yes, not everyone wants a grand or fairytale wedding. Maybe you’re one of those couples that have delayed your wedding due to the pandemic, and now settles for a much simpler occasion. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have the wedding of your dreams! Weddings, no matter how small or simple, can still be special. So, put your whole intention and effort into making it memorable.

4. Forgetting uninvited guests

For weddings with a much smaller scale, it’s inevitable that not everyone you or your family know in life can make it into the limited guest list. While you can always explain to them that it will be a small event with very personal guests only, it doesn’t mean you can’t show your appreciation and share your joy with them. You can still invite them virtually to stream your wedding, and deliver souvenirs or tokens of gratitude such as our tea gift packages. This way, you’re staying respectful while still sticking with your intimate wedding vision.

If you and your partner are planning an intimate wedding anytime soon, try your best to avoid these mistakes! Most importantly, don’t stress out too much because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment that you can always cherish with your partner until you’re old and grey. Happy wedding planning!

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