Lakukan 3 Langkah Ini untuk Merasa Lebih Tenang!

Lakukan 3 Langkah Ini untuk Merasa Lebih Tenang!

Hello tea lovers! Can you believe we’re 9 months into year 2019 already? We hope you’ve had a genuinely happy and fulfilling year so far. If not, we’ve still got a few months left to work on it!

Do you agree that our happiness is immensely affected by our peace of mind? Peace is so important, that even the United Nations dedicate 1 day on this month to commemorate it. In case you haven’t heard, September 21 is assigned as the International Day of Peace. While we agree that world peace is such an important issue, we believe peace starts within ourselves. Are you at peace with yourself, or are you constantly battling to keep your cool? Try these 3 steps for a more peaceful you!

1. Reweigh your priorities

How do you know you’ve got your priorities in life mixed up? It’s when you’re not at peace with yourself. If you prioritize the wrong things, you’ll wake up every morning feeling unmotivated, and you won’t get a sense of contentment when you’ve done those things either. Ask yourself what really matters in your life most, and make time for it—is it your family? Your friends? Your lifelong goals? Your time is too precious to be wasted on the less important things.

2. Actively choose peace

Peace won’t just come and live in your head, it needs you to intentionally choose it! Truth is, there will be lots of things in life that hinder you from having peace. Is it your endless workload? Your condescending relative? Your incooperative workmates? Actively tell yourself that your inner peace is too expensive to be drained by those things. Peace needs to be a choice!

3. Turn your simple routines into a ‘peace therapy’

You might not realize it, but there are a lot of activities you can do to recharge your peace. Perhaps a long bath after a busy day, some reading, doing your hobby, listening to music, or a brewing a cup of tea. You’ll be amazed how much calmer you can feel when you do these things! Pro tip: Soothing Chamomile or Frosty Peppermint can be your trusted brew to soothe your nerves and quiet your mind.

So, try out these steps if you’re still struggling to find your peace these days. As we celebrate the International Day of Peace, make sure you are in a good, peaceful place with yourself.

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