Loose Tea or Teabag?

Loose Tea or Teabag?

The tea-drinking lifestyle is expanding more than ever. To many devoted tea lovers, tea is no longer just a light beverage to clear the throat after a meal. People are now more aware of the health benefits of tea, different types of premium teas with mixtures of fruits, flowers and other ingredients are also attracting the market. These teas may come in loose teas or packed into teabags. If you ever wonder if there is any difference between the two, and which is better, Tea & Co. will deep-dive into this question today!

1. Knowing the difference

Loose tea is the dried, large loose tea leaves, usually handpicked fresh and stored in a tea caddy or canister. On the other hand, teabags contain tea which has been machine-processed for uniform smaller size, almost resembling powder.

2. Flavor

When brewed, these two types of tea result in different flavors as well. When loose teas are brewed with near-boiling water, the water interacts directly with the tea, extracting maximum flavor and color from the tea. With teabags, the flavor won’t be as full-bodied as what you get from loose tea, because it’s easier for the tea to lose its flavor through evaporation, so you might find it duller than loose teas. Also, if you’re planning to mix milk, honey, lemon and other ingredients to your tea, we recommend loose teas because with teabags, the tea flavor will easily be overpowered by the other ingredients.

3. Convenience

Finally, it all comes down to this aspect. Choosing between loose teas and teabags is really a matter of how much time you’re willing to spend on your ‘tea-ritual’. If you’re in a hurry and would like to have tea on-the-go, you might opt for teabags because its smaller particles mean it has shorter brewing time. It’s also easier to prepare because you don’t need extra teaware like infusers, which is the case for loose teas. But if you have more time to spare, indulging in the experience of brewing tea from fresh loose leaves won’t hurt either! It’s a good way to spend your me-time while making the most out of your tea-drinking experience.

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