Hidden Meanings behind 3 Common Chinese New Year Traditions

Hidden Meanings behind 3 Common Chinese New Year Traditions

Hello tea lovers, Lunar New Year season is here! The vibrant festivity of the celebration is rich with culture and traditions that the Chinese people hold dearly. Did you know that there are deeper meanings to the practices that Chinese people do this season? Here are three of the most common habits and traditions of Lunar New Year!

1. Cleaning up the house

The first common Chinese tradition that people do leading up to Lunar New Year is cleaning up. Windows are scrubbed, floors are swept, and rooms are cleaned to get rid of old clutter that might stack up since the past year. This is symbolic of throwing away bad luck! Besides this superstition, cleaning up sure sets up your house to look fresh and brand new for Lunar New Year! However, this cleaning ceases right on Lunar New Year, because it will be equal to sweeping away the new year’s fortune.

2. Using the color red everywhere

Whether you celebrate Lunar New Year or not, you’ll most likely notice that the color red is dominant on this celebration—from the decors, homes, and even the clothes and accessories people wear on the day. Red is a symbol of wealth and good luck for the Chinese—it is also believed to ward off the ‘Nian’, a mythical monster that is said to be afraid of the color red!

3. Drinking tea

Lastly, drinking tea is rich with Chinese cultural values that is valid not only on Lunar New Year season, but in Chinese lifestyle. Chinese people often begin the day by drinking tea. Tea itself is a symbol of respect and prosperity in the coming year, and also a gift of humility. In China, you are most likely to find teas from the tisane and scented tea category, such as jasmine tea and oolong tea.

Do you practice these habits too in preparation for Lunar New Year? We wish you a smooth Lunar New Year preparation and a new year filled with prosperity and joy!

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