Celebrate Earth Day with these 3 Effortless Steps

Celebrate Earth Day with these 3 Effortless Steps

It’s the fourth month of the year, tea lovers! April might mean one thing or another to us, but there’s a special day we ought to remember. Earth Day is just around the corner; it’s actually on this upcoming April 22! While it might just be another day for us, this month is a good time to reflect on whether we’ve been good residents of this planet. Getting involved in ‘going green’ might not be as hard or effortful as you think, as there are some effortless ways you’re actually helping to take care of the Earth!

1. Turning off the faucet or electricity when not in use


It’s easy to be tempted to keep our empty room cold with the air-con, or leaving the TV on just to have some background music while we’re doing other work, or overusing the faucet. It’s even estimated that 95% of everything that comes out of the faucet is wasted! Remember to use the resources of our Earth wisely, such as water and electricity, as we are actually conserving them for our future generations as well!

2. Choosing furniture wisely


Who doesn’t dream of a perfect home these days? With Pinterest and Instagram painting a picturesque image of what a ‘dream home’ should look like, we tend to save and spend for a photo-worthy looking kitchen, living room, or bedroom despite our tight budget. But keep in mind that even though they look pretty on the outside, low-quality furniture tend to wear out easily and contribute to landfills! Choosing quality furniture and appliances that last longer helps reduce your overall household waste, as you can repair rather than throwing them when they break.

3. Using reusable teaware


Plastic or paper cups are so last season! Do you know that plastic containers take around a thousand years to fully decompose? The Earth can’t manage to wait that long! It’s always wiser to invest in a tumbler that you can carry around everywhere to have your tea. It’s more chic and convenient as well, isn’t it?

4. Making the most out of your tea


Hair product bottles and gardening products are usually packaged in non-eco friendly materials like plastic. Do you know you can use your tea as a hair conditioner, or even to provide nutrients for your house plants? There are many other ways you can reuse your tea,

just check out our tips here How to Calm Your Day with a Tea-rapy!

You don’t have to be an active environmentalist to save the Earth, do you? Every little contribution matters, although you might not realize it! Happy Earth Day!

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