The Best Tea Types for Your Days at Home

The Best Tea Types for Your Days at Home

Hi, tea lovers! Hope you’re all doing well. How have you been spending your days at home? Some of you might start to run out of things to do at home. One of the things you can do is withdrawing from your busy routines and have teatime. With all the negative news around us that threaten our peace of mind, teatime is the perfect opportunity to relax for a while.
There are many tea variants you might not know about that are perfect to be enjoyed at home. Here are they!

1. Lavish Mango

You might be familiar with green tea, but how about green tea with a twist? Meet Lavish Mango! It’s green tea combined with slices of dried mango fruit and marigold blossom. The signature fragrance of mangoes will keep your mood uplifted although you’re home all day.

2. Bloomingdale

For those of you who prefer a more floral type of tea, you can try Bloomingdale. This tea is made with mix of marigold, rose petals, also strawberries, pear, and blackberries for a refreshing taste. The rose aroma will make you feel like being outdoors in a pleasant rose garden despite your current self-quarantine.

3. Dreamy Vanilla

If you like sweet tea, go for Dreamy Vanilla! It’s a mix of green tea with vanilla and caramel. Don’t worry, the sweet aroma is not too overpowering, so it can still accompany your afternoons with some bread and cakes.

4. Mighty Oolong

Prefer a stronger tea? You can go for Mighty Oolong. If you’re the type to easily lose focus and get drowsy in the afternoon, you can brew this to accompany your workdays. This Taiwanese tea with a strong roasted body can be your next favorite.

5. Soothing Chamomile

Unlike the previous teas, Soothing Chamomile is technically not a tea but a tisane, because it is not made from tea leaves, but from chamomile flowers. This drink is best for those of you who like calming herbal teas. Chamomile is naturally caffeine-free and is your best friend for dealing with cramps and insomnia.

Which of the teas above are you most eager to try? If you still can’t find one that suits you, feel free to browse our other selections here. Stay healthy and happy!

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