Easy Spooky Tea Recipes for Halloween Season

Easy Spooky Tea Recipes for Halloween Season

Hi tea lovers! October is here which means Halloween is just around the corner. Although we don’t really celebrate Halloween, there’s no harm in joining the fun and create some of our own versions of spooky drinks using teas! These recipes are super simple and can be made to accompany your stay-home days. Check them out!

1. Poison Apple Cider

Nothing screams Halloween like this bold, vibrant red drink! It has a tropical and zesty taste that will keep you awake to binge-watch all your favorite spooky movies!

What you need:
• Berry Harvest by Tea & Co.
• Apple juice, ½ cup
• Orange peel, to taste
• Cinnamon, to taste

How to make:
• Brew Berry Harvest tea according to the packaging instructions
• Remove the tea leaves and pour in the apple juice
• Garnish with orange peel and cinnamon
• Serve hot or cold according to taste. Enjoy!

Credits: hackberrytea.com

2. Hocus Pocus Fizz Tea

Need a refreshment on a hot day? This simple recipe can be modified with any fruit of your choice, a definite Halloween favorite!

What you need:
• Lavish Mango by Tea & Co.
• Tropical fruit of your choice (mango, orange, peach, etc)
• Sparkling water
• Gummy worms for garnish

How to make:
• Brew Lavish Mango according to the packaging instructions and let it cool
• Pour in a blender and add in your choice of fruit and sparkling water to taste
• Blend until smooth
• Serve chilled and top with gummy worms

Credits: hackberrytea.com

3. Spooky Blackberry Iced Tea

Prefer a darker, stronger drink? What about a spooky glass of Blackberry Iced Tea? Gather with your family at home and serve this healthy and awakening tea!

What you need:
• Bloomingdale by Tea & Co.
• Fresh blackberries, 2 cups
• Sugar or other sweetener of your choice, to taste

How to make:
• Mix fresh blackberries and sweetener into a puree
• Brew Bloomingdale according to the packaging instructions
• Blend together, serve over ice and enjoy!

Credits: wishfarms.com

Those are 3 spooky tea recipes to complete your Halloween night! Which of them would you love to make? Alternatively, you can click here for our complete tea selections too. Have fun, don’t forget to stay happy and healthy!

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