Simple Refreshing Tea Treats to Break Your Fast

Simple Refreshing Tea Treats to Break Your Fast

Hi tea lovers! Fasting month is here. For those who celebrate Ramadan, it is a chance to cleanse your body and soul all through the month. During these days, break-fasting is the time to recharge your stamina and replenish the foods and drinks you miss throughout the day. Let Tea & Co. offer three recipes to sweeten your break-fasting moment with our 100% natural premium teas!

1. Dreamy Kiwi Blended Tea

Kiwi is a nutritious fruit high in vitamin C to boost your immune system in fasting month, not to mention it is rich in fiber to keep you full! You can prepare a kiwi beverage easily with these simple steps.

You will need:
-Dreamy Vanilla tea by Tea & Co.
-Honey or other sweetener to taste
-Powdered milk, 2 teaspoons
-Chopped kiwi fruit, 2 spoons
-Vanilla ice cream (optional)

Preparation steps:
-Brew Dreamy Vanilla in just a little hot water until thick
-Blend the tea with other ingredients and ice cubes until smooth
-Serve in a glass and add 1 scoop of ice cream (optional)
-You can adjust the ingredients based on the amount of servings you need!

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2. Mango Iced Tea

Mango is such an enjoyable treat, don’t you think? Its juiciness perfectly quenches thirst after a long day of fasting. Turn your ordinary break-fasting iced tea into a tropical fiesta with this recipe.

You will need:
-Mangoes, 2, medium-sized
-Lavish Mango tea by Tea & Co.
-Water, 4 cups
-Lemon juice, to taste
-Sweetener, to taste
-Mint leaves, to taste

Preparation steps:
-Peel and cut mangoes.
-Blend until soft and chill inside the refrigerator.
-Brew your Lavish Mango tea according to the serving size you need.
-Let your tea to cool, and then mix in the blender with mangoes and other ingredients.
-Serve with ice and mint leaves on top.
-You can adjust the ingredients based on the amount of servings you need!


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3. Summer Bloom Popsicles

Who says tea is just for drinking? With a little creativity and extra time, you can turn it into a fruity, healthy dessert too! You can start preparing this menu during sahur and it will be ready just in time for break-fasting.

You will need:
-Water, 600 ml
-Summer Bloom tea by Tea & Co.
-Strawberries, thinly sliced
-Raspberries, halved
-Honey, 3 tbsp
-Popsicle mold and sticks, 10

Preparation steps:
Boil water in a saucepan and add in the tea and berries.
-Cover and leave for around 20 minutes, then strain.
-Add in honey, stirring continuously.
-Pour into popscile molds and add fruit slices to taste.
-Add popscile sticks, and keep in the freezer until break-fasting time.
-You can adjust the ingredients based on the amount of servings you need!


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Which of these recipes do you want to try the most?

May these recipes freshen you up after a day of fasting. Have a blessed Ramadan!

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