Tea Benefits

Tea Benefits

We all know that drinking tea has many benefits, but what are those benefits? Tea has an all natural ingredients, and thus it has many benefits for us. However, most of us do not know exactly what those benefits are. Here we will discuss a couple of those benefits.

  1. Fight free radicals
    Tea contains antioxidant that is beneficial for our health. Antioxidant fights free radicals in our body. Free radicals damage our body cells, and one of the causes of cancer. Antioxidant also fights against aging. Do you want to look and feel young? Tea will help us get there.
  2. Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke
    A lot of research write about consuming tea and its benefit towards heart health. In fact, consuming natural teas really do lower the risk of heart disease. Drinking 2-3 cups a day, the risk of heart attack and stroke are reduced by 30%.
  3. Improve mood
    Having a headache or in a bad mood? Drink a cup of tea, especially black tea. This is because black tea contains a chemical that reduces the level of stress hormone in our body. We don’t have to worry about haveing a bad mood day.
  4. Increase metabolism
    Increase in metablism equals to an increase in fat burning process in our body. Isn’t that great news? Especially for woman who desires to achieve their ideal body. Chemical compund in tea helps to increase metabolism. However, this doesn’t mean that the fats in our body will dissapear by drinking tea alone. Regular exercise and healthy eating pattern are another important component to healthy living.

Now that we know a couple of benefits of drinking tea, let’s start ur day with a cup of tea.

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