Top Wedding Color Trends to Inspire Your Upcoming Wedding in 2021

Top Wedding Color Trends to Inspire Your Upcoming Wedding in 2021

Hi tea lovers! Today, we’d love to share some inspirations especially for those of you who are starting to plan their wedding. Although the wedding industry experienced a lot of changes due to the ongoing pandemic, we believe love is not cancelled! Planning the wedding of your dreams can still be a thrilling experience.

To start planning your wedding, most of you would start by choosing the main colors you want to use in your event. Here are the top wedding color trends to inspire your upcoming wedding in 2021 or afterwards!

1. Mustard & greenery

As you might know, in 2021, Pantone announced yellow as one of the colors of the year. You may also notice that yellow is getting more and more popular these days. Although it’s not traditionally a popular wedding color, mustard yellow can make your wedding stand out! Add a touch of green color to balance it and create a more calming, natural-themed wedding.

2. Sky blue & blush pink

Nobody can resist that romantic feeling when seeing the color blue and pink together. Choosing a lighter, calmer shade like sky blue and blush pink can be a refreshing color combo that warms the whole vibe of your wedding.

3. Deep sea & palomino

Along with yellow, Pantone also announced grey as the second color of the year! This color selection is best for you who are planning an outdoor wedding. Deep sea grey and create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere, with palomino as the secondary color. This color trend is great for intimate weddings!

Which of these color trend ideas catch your eye the most? If you and your partner have agreed on a certain color palette, it’s time to start incorporating it into your wedding decoration, attire, and souvenirs! Don’t forget to check out our tea gift selections to give a memorable token of gratitude to your beloved guests near and far. Happy wedding planning!

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