What Does Your Favorite Tea Say About Your Travel Personality?

What Does Your Favorite Tea Say About Your Travel Personality?

Holiday vibes are all around! If you are reading this, you have made it halfway through this year, so tell yourself you deserve a break and pamper yourself for these few days. Have you picked your holiday destination yet? Or do you prefer staying at home while eyeing on your next bucketlist for another time? Either way, every person’s ideal holiday is different. Some of us prefer immersing ourselves in nature, while others love strolling around the city. There are many ways to predict a person’s travel personality, and believe it or not, one of them is through their favorite tea! Read on to find out yours..

Black Tea

Black tea has the strongest flavor and highest caffeine content compared to other teas. If you like Black Tea, chances are you’re an energetic, headstrong, active person. You don’t mind being the decision maker when traveling with family or friends. You like having a clear, well-planned itinerary for the whole trip, and are inclined towards challenging holiday activities, like mountain climbing or deep sea diving!

Tea n Co’s recommended tea for you: English Breakfast, Classic Earl Grey
Your travel bucketlist: Skydiving in Nusawiru, West Java or rock climbing in Harau Valley, West Sumatera


Green Tea

People who love green tea are down-to-earth and visionary. They might strike off as inspiring for others because of how they manage to live an active yet balanced life. When it comes to traveling, green tea lovers are adaptable in either natural or city-life setting, as they have just a bit of adventurous spark within them.

Tea n Co’s recommended tea for you: Jasmine Green, Lavish Mango
Your travel bucketlist: The perfect balance of calm and adventure altogether at Banggai Laut, Central Sulawesi

Fruity Tea

Fruity tea lovers, raise your hand! These are people who love a bit of zest in their life. Monotonous holidays bore them as they prefer to spice up their life with the extraordinary. They enjoy exploring unknown hidden gems in their hometown or abroad, as well as discovering new cultures, or even indigenous foods and customs that most people aren’t daring enough to try. They are those you’ll want on an island getaway, or touring faraway downtown across the continent.

Tea n Co’s recommended tea for you: Bloomingdale, Summer Bloom
Your travel bucketlist: Immerse in a rich, cultural experience in Solo, Java or Desa Penglipuran, Bangli, Bali

Floral Tea

A floral tea kind of person is those who act like a calming breeze to their surroundings. They sure know how to keep their cool and don’t panic easily. Likewise, they prefer ‘chill’ holidays where they can unwind somewhere peaceful and quiet. They tend to be a follower in travel groups, but they give useful advices and help whenever needed. Not to mention, they are the ones most likely to help everyone calm down if things go south!

Tea n Co’s recommended tea for you: Soothing Chamomile, White Peony Tea
Your travel bucketlist: Treat yourself on a staycation at serene Bintan Island

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